Written by Tony Foster

Directed by Shaina Rosenthal

Produced by Paul Hoan Zeidler, Tony Foster, and Charles Pacello

The troubled lives of two couples, one in 1910 and the other a century later, play out simultaneously in the same Craftsman house. A time bending dramedy that shuffled romance and the mystical with a wild foray into the Southern California real estate market, the production explored love, identity and the best place to call home.

Ryan Amir Levi
Rebecca Tara Norris
Mark John W. McLaughlin
Charles John Wuchte
Amy Elizabeth Elson
Sheila Etienne Eckert
Lighting Design Matt Richter
Sound Design Paul Hoan Zeidler
Artwork Scott Vandrick


"Tony Foster’s play is both entertaining and thought-provoking. His imagination makes this much more than your typical haunted house story. The placement of the gay characters in the two time periods is a subtle, but effective way to contrast the social differences in their eras. The plot twists never went where I expected. Very refreshing." - Michael Van Duzer, Stage Happenings

"The cast is excellent, deftly managing the two timelines and the unexpected ways in which they intersect. It is not the type of story that is usually told onstage, making it all the more impressive that it’s pulled off so well." - Erin Conley, On Stage & Screen


Winner, the Encore Producers' Award

Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award Nominee: Tony Foster

Tracey Collins Funny Girl Award Nominee: Etienne Eckert