written and directed by Paul Hoan Zeidler

produced by Paul Hoan Zeidler, Charlie Pacello, and David Mayes

Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Bennett Duquesne and his daughter Addy have had their controversial work collected by major art museums all over the world. After Addy's trust funder boyfriend shoots one of Duquesne's students in their living room, photos meant to be viewed on gallery walls or in coffee table books catapult into every angry corner on the internet. The Duquesnes struggle to hold onto their intuitive creativity while the local District Attorney pressures them to reveal more about their personal lives, and the mainstream and social media launch brutal attacks.

Addy Duquesne Sorel Carradine
Bennett Duquesne Bjørn Johnson
Hank Jonathan E. Grey
Stevie / Detective Stephen Tyler Howell
Darcy / Madeleine Sebold Asia Lynn Pitts
Julian Simic / Photographer Lucas Alifano
scenic design Peter Hickok
light & sound design Matt Richter
stage manager & graphic design Michelle Hanzelova