Time's Scream and Hurry

written, directed, and produced by Paul Hoan Zeidler

Time's Scream and Hurry links three searing single actor dramas through the themes of anger, violence and recovery. In the first, "So-So's Sister," an East L.A. Latina teen, forced to care for her mentally disabled sister since childhood, is tempted to steal something very precious from her in order to regain control of her life. In “Match Girl,” a young nurse, who burned herself with matches as a girl to relieve her depression and anger, wanders through a series of nice-guy relationships while she struggles for a way to express her peculiar urge. And in “The Good Boyfriend,” a Milwaukee man with an angry streak dates a mysterious girl as attracted to him as she is terrified. Through her, he discovers the price and reward for being good.

So-So's Sister: Carlita Penaherrera (LA & NYC)
Yecenia Torres (LA)
Match Girl: J.J. Pyle (LA & NYC)
Jessica Graham (LA)
The Good Boyfriend: Charles Pacello (LA & NYC)
Max Williams (LA)
Associate Producer (LA) Anita J. Lee
Assistant Producer (LA) Yecenia Torres
Assistant Director, Photography Chris Hall
Set and Lighting Design (LA) Adam Hunter
Lighting Design (NYC) Andrew Merriweather
Sound Design Chris Game
Props Design Matt Maenpaa


"The pieces that make up Time’s Scream and Hurry offer luminous glimpses into the pivotal events, physical backdrops and psychological rhythms that form the substance of ordinary lives. As a director, Zeidler’s theatrical instincts are spot on. All three monologues are perfectly cast, and the actors give balanced, compelling performances... J.J. Pyle is fun to watch as she teasingly peels back a glamorous exterior to reveal a warped psyche." - Show Business Weekly

"I felt as if I had been let in on three special secrets that were so raw and unforgiving in their revelation that I was repeatedly broken from laughter and brought to tears. Paul Hoan Zeidler has truly created something unique and captivating. - L.A. Splash

"Highly charged and well-crafted... Zeidler shows a command of language and a strength in storytelling that pulls us in. - BackStage

Paul Hoan Zeidler's script is strong, with three sharply delineated (and very differently voiced) characters. Penaherrera makes the strongest impression as So-So's Sister, showing a mix of strength and vulnerability that is genuinely interesting and appealing. - nytheatre.com

Charles Pacello’s... sympathy, satisfaction and tenderness build to a powerfully moving portrait. - Time Out New York

Time’s Scream and Hurry is filled with tales that a spectator will not soon forget. - offoffonline