Written and Directed by Paul Hoan Zeidler

Produced by Charles Pacello

An Iraq war vet grappling with a traumatic brain injury and PTSD is discharged from a Warrior Transition Unit at a U.S. Army hospital in Washington, D.C. Instead of returning to his family in Philadelphia, he hitchhikes to New York and arrives at the apartment door of his childhood friend. Chuck is surprised by his visit--he hasn't seen Jimmy in almost 10 years--but when he learns it's his first day out of the Army he convinces his hard-partying roommate to bring him along on a wild night of clubbing. When a long forgotten incident involving Chuck and Jimmy is revealed, conflicts escalate before the three can get out the door.

Chuck Jay Seals
Jimmy Brent Donaldson
Brandon Devin Skrade
lighting design Matt Richter
specialty props Richard Miranda


"Paul Hoan Zeidler has written an impressive script that is truly brought to life by his brilliant direction and an amazing cast. This play moves you, and leaves you in a different place than when you first entered the theater." - L.A. Examiner

"An electrifying new show... I was knocked out!" - Kurt Gardner, Blogcritics, ArtsBeatLA

"Riveting. The way the thing unfolds, the patience, the ferocity, the relentless, bent masculinity, I almost felt like I couldn’t keep up. Just masterful. Feeling like the action onstage just might sweep out into the audience and suck us in. I wish this were a regular run so I could see it again. I could go on and on. Jesus. What a show." -- Fringe Reviewer


Winner, the Encore Producers' Award

Ezra Buzzington Spirit of the Fringe Award Nominee for Best Performance: Brett Donaldson